Calamari Fritti$ 15.95

lightly floured calamari w/lemon juice & savory seasoning

Fresh Raw Oysters1/2 Doz. $ 14.95 • Doz. $ 25.95

freshly shucked

Fresh Raw Clams1/2 Doz. $ 12.95 • Doz. $ 20.95

freshly shucked

Baked Clams1/2 Doz. $ 14.95 • Doz. $ 25.95

baked w/our seasoned bread crumbs

Clams in Garlic & Oil$ 15.95

steamed baby clams in our garlic & oil sauce

Bruschetta Romano*$ 9.95

roman garlic bread w/olive oil, fresh cubed tomatoes & seasoning

Bruschetta Siciliana*$ 14.95

crostini topped w/fresh mozzarella, basil & balsamic reduction

Grilled Eggplant*$ 14.95

grilled eggplant w/fresh tomato basil

Grilled Calamari or Octopus$ 18.95

grilled to perfection served w/baby greens w/garlic, lemon & white wine seasonings

Shrimp Scampi$ 16.95

5 jumbo shrimp in lemon butter sauce served w/arugula salad

Crab Cakes$ 16.95

served w/arugula salad & topped w/ a chipotle hollandaise sauce

Mussels Diavolo$ 15.95

steamed mussels in a spicy cherry tomato sauce w/pesto crostinis

Antipasto PlatterFor 2 $ 13.95 • For 4 $ 18.95

an assortment of meats & cheeses w/marinated olives & roasted red peppers

Artichoke Hearts*$ 14.95

sautéed artichoke hearts in garlic, wine & seasoned bread crumbs

Spinach Artichoke Dip*$ 15.95

sautéed artichoke, spinach & cheese sauce w/toasted garlic points for dipping

Soups & Salads

Marinated Seafood Salad$ 17.95

octopus, calamari, shrimp, celery, onions, garlic, olive oil, vinegar & herbs

Caprese Insalata*$ 13.95

tomatoes w/fresh mozzarella, basil, black olives, balsamic glaze & olive oil

Pollo Caesar Insalata$ 14.95

grilled chicken breast w/romaine, parmesan, black olives, & red onions

Angelo’s House Salad*$ 6.95

mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers & black olives w/crumbled bleu cheese tossed w/homemade balsamic vinaigrette

Asparagus Salad*$ 10.95

asparagus tossed in lemon juice, fresh tomatoes & basil topped w/crumbled bleu cheese

Minestrone*Cup $ 4.95 • Bowl $ 7.95
Soup of the DayCup $ 4.95 • Bowl $ 7.95

Wood-Oven Pizza

All Pizzas are 12″

Sicilian Margherita*$ 12.95

fresh homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & topped w/basil

Grilled Vegetable Experience*$ 18.95

grilled red peppers, caramelized onions & portobello mushrooms topped w/fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, fresh arugula & balsamic glaze

Prosciutto & Roasted Veggies$ 16.95

caramelized onions, red peppers, bleu cheese & fresh mozzarella

Sweet Sausage$ 16.95

sweet fennel sausage, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella & provolone cheese

Artichoke Heart Lover*$ 16.95

artichoke hearts, fresh goat cheese topped w/arugula

Gluten Free Pizza AvailableADD $3

Clasic Italian Pasta

All Entrées served with your choice of soup or salad

Marinara or Meat Sauce$ 16.95

w/your choice of pasta

Cheese or Meat Ravioli$ 17.95

w/meat or marinara sauce

Meat or Spinach Lasagna$ 16.95

mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan & romano cheese

Stuffed Shells*$ 18.95

creamy ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & fresh spinach topped w/marinara sauce

Pasta Absolut*$ 18.95

cavatelli or bowtie pasta topped w/a tomato vodka cream sauce

Fresh Tomato Basil Bowtie*$ 18.95

fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic, olive oil & marinara sauce

Eggplant Parmigiana*$ 17.95

topped w/fresh slices of mozzarella

Garlic & Oil Linguine*$ 16.95

sauteed garlic & extra virgin olive oil

Arrabiata Rigatoni$ 19.95

spicy red sauce w/fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, & garlic

Alfredo Fettuccini*$ 17.95

parmesan cream sauce w/a hint of garlic

Carbonara Fettuccini$ 19.95

prosciutto in a romano cream sauce

Puttanesca Spaghetti$ 18.95

fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic, capers, kalamata olives, basil & anchovies

Chicken Livers$ 20.95

sautéed chicken livers, onions & mushrooms in a tomato sauce

Stuffed Eggplant Parmigiana*$ 19.95

spinach stuffed eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta & parmesan

ADD a Side of Homemade Meatballs, Italian Sausage or Braciole$ 5.95
Gluten Free Penne$ 4

Make any pasta w/gluten free penne for an upgrade

House Specialties

All Entrées served with your choice of soup or salad

Seafood Ravioli$ 31.00

stuffed w/lobster & shrimp, topped w/half a lobster tail & shrimp in a white champagne sauce

Seafood Linguine$ 22.00

w/your choice of calamari, clams or mussels

Vitello De Michael$ 21.95

egg pappardelle pasta w/diced veal, mushrooms & peas in a creamy alfredo sauce

Penne Piemontese$ 20.95

mild italian sausage & mushrooms w/a touch of mascarpone cheese

Zuppe Di Pesce Con Linguine$ 37.00

4oz lobster along w/calamari, mussels, shrimp & clams w/marinara or garlic & oil

Gamberi Broccolo Fettuccine$ 22.00

shrimp w/broccoli in a buttery herb sauce

Gamberi Diablo Linguine$ 22.00

shrimp w/fresh tomatoes, herbs & garlic in a spicy tomato sauce

Tortellini Con Pollo$ 20.95

cheese tortellini w/grilled chicken & spinach in a creamy pesto sauce

ADD a Side of Homemade Meatballs, Italian Sausage or Braciole$ 5.95
Gluten Free Penne$ 5

Make any pasta w/gluten free penne for an upgrade


All Entrées served with your choice of soup or salad

Potato Crusted Tilapia$ 23.95

tilapia topped w/bruschetta in a garlic butter sauce w/asparagus

Salmon Alla Fresco$ 23.95

grilled salmon, fresh avocados & cherry tomatoes w/steamed asparagus

White Fish or Salmon Francese$ 20.95

lightly battered w/a hint of garlic dipped in a lemon butter sauce & served with a side of pasta

Tilapia Florentina$ 23.00

roasted tilapia stuffed w/crab meat & shrimp over sauteed spinach

Stuffed Calamari$ 23.00

calamari stuffed w/crab meat, sauteed spinach & garlic in a buttery lemon sauce

Mare Monti$ 27.00

sauteed shrimp, mussels, baby clams & calamari in a light pesto sauce, topped w/steamed potatoes & vegetables over linguine

Chicken or Veal

All Entrées served with your choice of soup or salad

Make any chicken or veal dish gluten free at no additional cost!

Venetian ApricotChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

grilled in a citrus sauce w/broccoli, asparagus & diced tomatoes

MarsalaChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

mushrooms & scallions in a marsala wine sauce & served with a side of pasta

FranceseChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

batter-dipped, sauteed w/a hint of garlic in a lemon butter sauce & served with a side of pasta

CacciatoriChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

roasted w/onions, mushrooms, kalamata olives & bell peppers & served with a side of pasta

VesuvioChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

bone-in chicken roasted w/rosemary, garlic & potatoes in a light white wine sauce

ParmigianaChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

breaded w/marinara sauce & melted fresh mozzarella served w/a side of pasta

ScalopineChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

roasted & sauteed w/mushrooms, onions & tomatoes in a light tomato sauce & served with a side of pasta

SaltimboccaChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

topped w/prosciutto & fresh mozzarella over sage & spinach & served with a side of pasta

PiccataChicken $ 21.95 • Veal $ 27.95

sauteed w/garlic & capers in a lemon white wine sauce & served with a side of pasta

Off The Grill

Filet Pepe Verde$ 32.00

filet mignon w/sauteed mushrooms, peppercorns & creamy cognac & served with a side of pasta

Black Truffle Filet$ 33.00

grilled filet over a wild mushroom risotto, sun-dried tomatoes & black truffle oil, topped w/shaved parmesan

Gorgonzola Encrusted Ribeye$ 31.00

gorgonzola encrusted ribeye served w/roasted potatoes & asparagus

Breaded Ribeye$ 31.00

olive oil & seasoned bread crumbs grilled to perfection, served with potatoes, onions & asparagus

Rack of Lamb$ 36.00

full rack of lamb w/wild mushrooms, garlic & fresh mint in a balsamic reduction & served with a side of pasta

Rack of Lamb Vesuvio$ 36.00

full rack of lamb w/rosemary, garlic & potatoes in a light white wine sauce

Pork Chops Alla Griglia$ 31.00

20 oz. pork chop grilled to perfection w/sauteed mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes w/au jus sauce

Sausage & Peppers$ 20.95

grilled homemade sausage, sauteed green peppers & onions & served with a side of pasta


All Entrées served with your choice of soup or salad

All risottos are gluten free!

Risotto Di Angelo$ 25.95

shrimp, mushrooms, chives & basil with a creamy herb risotto

Seafood Risotto$ 31.00

calamari, shrimp & garlic & oil w/red plum tomato sauce

Roasted Chicken Primavera$ 23.95

roasted chicken, broccoli, red peppers, peas, corn, onions, tomatoes & zucchini w/cream sauce

Chicken & Spinach$ 25.95

spinach & grape tomatoes sauteed in a garlic & oil risotto topped w/grilled chicken

Family Style

No take home

Serves 4 or More

Simple Family Style$ 21.95 per person

Angelo’s House Salad
Garlic Bread
Mostaccioli Marinara
Bowtie Alfredo
Sausage & Meatballs
Lemon Ice for Dessert

Angelo’s Table$ 26.95 per person

Angelo’s House Salad
Penne Marinara
Bowtie Alfredo
Sausage & Green Peppers
Chicken & Potatoes Vesuvio
Eggplant Parmigiana
Fresh Fruit or Tiramisu for Dessert


$5.95 each

Asparagus • Steamed Broccoli • Mashed Potatoes • Potatoes Vesuvio • Baked Potato • Sauteed Spinach


For ages 12 & under

Chicken Fingers & Fries$ 7.95
Kid's Pasta$ 7.95

your choice of pasta w/marinara, meat or butter sauce
Upgrade to vodka cream or alfredo for $1.00